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This manual provides information how to use the KF-PAT Portable Kit to deliver prism adaptation treatment.

What is in the KF-PAT Portable Kit? Everything showed in the KF-PAT Manual, also listed below, is packed into a key-board bag, easy to be carried to various settings such as inpatient, outpatient, or home.

  • Prism goggle with left-based lenses
  • Prism goggle with right-based lenses
  • Position board
  • Visual-field occluder (VFO)
  • Visual-proprioceptive Task Box (VPT Box)
  • Opaque apron
  • Ruler for pointing tasks

It is recommended that the KF-PAT® be administered by trained individuals only. The KF-PAT® may help reduce symptoms of spatial neglect. The Kessler Foundation is not responsible for clinical outcomes.

Patents are pending for the KF-PAT® wearable system and methods of treatment.

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