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It is recommended that the KF-PAT® be administered by trained individuals only. The KF-PAT may help reducing symptoms of spatial neglect. Kessler Foundation is not responsible for clinical outcomes. You can find further information at Kessler Foundation's website.

The wearable system in the KF-PAT Portable Kit and methods of using the system are proprietary to Kessler Foundation (US Pat.: 10,739,618).

The individuals who appear on screen were acting out the roles of people with symptoms of spatial neglect at varying degrees of severity.

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Peii Chen

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Demonstration of KF-PAT

    • KF-PAT demo

    • Transcript

  • 2

    Preview of the KF-PAT 2018 Manual

    • Preview of the KF-PAT 2018 Manual

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