Course Description

It is recommended that the KF-NAP® be administered by trained individuals only. The KF-NAP may help clinicians detect the presence of spatial neglect and measure the severity of the syndrome. Kessler Foundation is not responsible for a clinical diagnosis. You can find further information at Kessler Foundation's website for spatial neglect.

We hope you find the KF-NAP 2015 Manual and its Video Tutorial helpful in your assessment of spatial neglect during activities of daily living. At the end of the course, you may take the certification exam, which may help you to promote your competency in using the KF-NAP. The certificate does not provide any clinical or educational credit.

The individuals who appear on screen throughout the tutorial sections of the video and the certification exam section of the video were acting out the roles of people with symptoms of spatial neglect at varying degrees of severity. In some instances, the same individuals appear in one video with a particular level of spatial neglect severity and in another video with a different degree.

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Peii Chen

Course curriculum

  • 2

    A. Introduction of KF-NAP with Peii Chen, PhD

  • 3

    B. General Principles of KF-NAP Administration with Kimberly Hreha, MS, OTR

    • KF-NAP General Principals

  • 4

    1. Gaze Orientation

    • Gaze Orientation

  • 5

    2. Limb Awareness

    • Limb Awareness

  • 6

    3. Auditory Attention

    • Auditory Attention

  • 7

    4. Personal Belongings

    • Personal Belongings

  • 8

    5. Dressing

    • Dressing

  • 9

    6. Grooming

    • Grooming

  • 10

    7. Navigation

    • Navigation

  • 11

    8. Collisions

    • Collisions

  • 12

    9. Meals

    • Meals

  • 13

    10. Cleaning after Meals

    • Cleaning After Meals

  • 14

    C. Conclusion

    • Conclusion

  • 15

    KF-NAP Certification Exam

    • A. True or False

    • B. Select the correct answer

    • C. Assign scores to each video clip

  • 16


    • KF-NAP Survey

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